Thursday, 30 June 2011

When I'm thinking about or making something creatively I find it is essential to have the correct soundtrack. I think listening to a certain selection of music when creating and image can change the whole tone or atmosphere within the image. When creating my first image based on 'Hylas and the Nymphs' the first song I put on was this:

Dirge by death in vegas.

The whole image suggests an eeriness, I feel this song is haunting, the same way in which I feel the nymphs stares and stance are in this image. The recurring vocals to me are almost like a calling, I feel a connection between that and the way the nymphs are subliminally calling the male into the water, repeating eery noises to me suggest a sense of entrapment, as Hylas must've obviously felt trapped in some way, to be in no way able to resist the females 'calling'. Listening to the hypnotic sounds of this song along with referring back to the way the woman are acting in a hypnotic way towards Hylas, made me create much more interesting and dark imagery so far, than maybe I wouldn't have without.

Also, on another note, I really love the imagery of the women put together in this video which completely optimize retro glamour and strong women, especially (obviously) Bettie Page, aswell as a more strange and surreal feel by the choice of clips.

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