Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Water Ladies

Above is a photograph of Charlotte, a very talented and beautiful model who has recently been on tv on the e4 tv programme dirty sexy things, which follows a group of models throughout their lives for part of this year whilst they take part in photoshoots for photographer Perou, photoshoots which at the end of the series would be placed in an exhibition, aswell as following their other projects and various personal activities.

The image above was taken in an underwater shoot (obviously). I have seen many underwater shoots recently, (there was one on Britain and Irelands Next Top Model which I didn't particularly like) however the shot above, is beautiful. It instantly reminded me of water nymphs, so below is my attempt at drawing it witht that in mind. The lines are really dark so I think it needs something softer added to it, colour maybe. I dont know but I don't think this is finished.

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