Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Zombie and Jessie J

My Uncle and I were talking about tattoo designs, I know that like me, he loves Bettie Page, but he also is really into zombies too. I suggested an image Bettie Page in zombie form might be a good idea. I went to V festival, and when I was back I drawnt the above imgae of Bettie. I think it turned out quite well, the figure is good, and if you're familiar with who Bettie is, I think you really can recognise who it is. At V festival I was really really impressed with Jessie J's performance, so when I got back I drawnt this picture of her, I dont think I'm particularly good at drawing usually, so I was quite impressed with how it turned out. I scanned these two images in together and in a weird way I think they work well together. It looks like I'm trying to make some sort of statement of females of the past being replaced with popular female figures of the future, or whatever, I wasn't, intentionally, but I suppose it works well portraying that message, I just think they look good together.

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