Thursday, 27 October 2011

Banner update

Its so unbelievably hard to find a gay rights esque slogan or image which either hasn't been used before, or isn't soul curshingly/earth shatteringly cringey. I'm not really a fan of the whole 'born this way', 'I am who I am' thing, as I think yes, it is important to be proud of who you are, that goes without saying, but I think the importance is not focussing on how different you are, but how, in this case, it's all the same, sexuality should not be the single most important factor which defines a person, it is ofcourse one of the factors which defines a person, but people should not be judged purely on who they are attracted to.

I guess an easy road to go down with the design would be to focus on how it is all the same, how I cannot see the diffence and how people should also feel the same way, but theres so many issues which aggravate me about this, like the pure ignorance and hatred, how being so ignorant, hateful and dissmissive towards a persons lifestyle  can be percieved as right, when compared to the 'chosen' lifestyle of a gay or bisexual person is percieved as wrong? I just can't comprehend how that could even make sense. Also, the arguement of it being a choice, speaking from experience, being gay is not a choice, it is fair to say acting on your sexuality is a choice, but when speaking of someones sexual idenity, it is not a choice, why would people choose, especially in countries where it is particularly frowned upon, or punished, to be gay? Hatred is by far more of a choice than sexuality will ever be.

I have so many ideas I need to get down on paper so I can start to see how they work..

I've seen a lot of posters surrounding these issues, I particularly like these ones:

Clever clever clever. Such valid points to make, its not okay to say this to straight people, so why is it okay to say this to gay people? It isnt.

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