Monday, 24 October 2011


For our next brief at Uni we have been told to choose something which we have some sort of opinion on and create a banner in relation to this. My obvious and first choice is to do something relating to gay rights across the world, the general idea of all the 'gay rights' campaigns etc make me cringe in a way, as I am gay myself but as I have never had any issues with personal bullying/discrimination etc I just sometimes think 'is it necessary?' and also alot of the campaigns can be very distasteful. However I am aware that there are these issues, I guess its just not at the forefront of my mind as (as selfish as it sounds) I don't face any of these issues personally. I have been reading about issues around the world surrounding the issues of gay people and I just think its horrific, that so many young people, and older people have killed themselves in recent times due to homophobic bullying, that so many people are forced to keep their sexuality a secret, that people are actually killed or imprisoned in some countries for their sexuality. How is that right? How can people say that being gay is wrong, but killing, imprisoning, punishing, bullying a human being because of their sexuality is right?

It makes no sense atall. It makes me sick, as I am writing this, today it has emerged that a man has been murdered, burnt and tied up, for being gay.. and we're the ones that act 'wrong'. Right. Yeah, I can see how that makes sense..

I am not sure whether I a going to do a banner about a certain issue or whether to do it on general gay hatred, as well, there is alot of that still it would seem. Below heres some banners from gay rights protests which I always find amusing/interesting:

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