Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Final design in progress..

I traced the basic image of what I imagined my totem to look like and then coloured it in, I decided the use of red, blue and black would be effective considering the nautical themes, heres a rough coloured in sketch which I would then scan in and edit digitally:
I scanned the image in and then began to draw around it in illustrator, a very tedious and strenuous task, but I wanted my work to be screen printed onto wood, so with the would taking away some of the perfect edges etc once printed, I wanted the initial print to be as neat and tidy as possible. The design of the woman wasn't working the way I had sketched her out, because of how symmetrical the design is as a whole she needed to be too for it to work. I first did some newer sketches of her to see how I could possibly make her work. My favourites were where she looked almost like a russian doll, I decided to go with that image and created this on illustrator:
My (almost finished) first idea as a whole was this:

I decided it could work, but it wasn't exactly how I'd imaged it would be as a final image, so I continued to experiment. Block colour was working better than line work as a whole image, so I transformed the line work into negative spaces. This worked so much better. It took alot of work as I had to make sure the colours were working well together and there were not too many images next to each other which were the same colour otherwise it wouldn't look right or effective as an image. Here is the final image:

I chose the lighter blue to go on the other shapes, which were not red and dark blue, as I think it just worked, I played around with alot of other colours and this one just seemed to fit best, it doesn't look too out of the ordinary with the cards being a colour which isn't white, and all the other shapes seemed to just looked right in blue because they are generally nautical images.

Now I needed to separate the image ready to screen print! Exciting..

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