Sunday, 9 October 2011


Okay so after looking through the tattoo book I decided on the type of image I would create first of all for my 'hope'. I decided for my 'hope', it must include an anchor, as anchors can represent many things within tattoo imagery, but are well known to represent hope, so that was an obvious choice really. Heres some images I looked at to inspire this choice:

I thought this emblem would need something more. I thought a swallow would be interesting to add into this emblem, not ony because it would look nice, but because swallows can represent so so many things within tattoo imagery and history. I am obsessed with images of sailors and everything about their history, I'm not even sure why, I just am. I know that swallows have always had importance to sailors, because before modern navigation systems were created, birds were a sign that sailors were close to land, and also, swallows return home every year no matter how far they have travelled to, this also symbolises the idea of returning home safely, a closeness to home, to family. Another idea which is symbolised by swallows is the idea of experiences, when sailors travelled a certain amount of miles, fulfilled certain tasks or reached certain destinations, they would have a swallow tattoed which would show off their skills as a sailor. Other meanings of a swallow tattoos, include a struggle that has been overcome, a victory gained, and a hardship survived, aswell as when two are tattooed together it can symbolise finding love, or soul mate. All these meanings together are basically what I wanted to portray as my hopes for my life, for love, happiness, family, safety, experience and to overcome anything that gets thrown at me.Below are some images that I looked at for inspiration on how to actually draw swallows:

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