Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My real life wooden totem pole finished!

A proffessional photographer came in to work with us, he was really nice and very helpful at helping us photograph our work, he told us alot about lighting which I did know about, but hadn't really thought about it in the way he explained it, so that was interesting. I have photographed in a studio and in many different locations so I found it a quite easy and quick task to photograph my image (I did it in about 30 seconds, mainly because it was home time too and we had to leave!). I'm so happy with my final totem pole, it needs a little bit of altering, I need to smooth out the edges, and maybe sand down some other areas for effect. I love it though, I want to make more! People that I don't know who saw me walking around carrying it kept offering to buy it aswell which is always a plus..

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