Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Brief

I was beginning to get slightly worried there would never be a brief where I was allowed to draw sailors without everyone sighing at the fact I don't seem to really want to draw anything else… So when I got back to uni after summer and seen the first exercise in this brief in which I HAD to draw sailors, well, I was very pleased, it has to be said. We had to draw various human and animal characters of various different descriptions and using various methods. I started of drawing sailors and barbers using pencil and biro, which I enjoyed but didn't think was particularly amazing, although itwas exciting to be finally drawing things I liked! Heres some of my initial drawings:

I then started doing some drawings using a continuous line, my favourite was the barber below, look at him! He looks so suspicious! I absolutely love drawing these barbers and that they have to have those curly moustaches, they're so funny!

I then drawn some lions as they are the animal I'm most like, well, in the sense of my big mane of hair (and probably that alone!). Heres a few lions I quickly created which are quite cute:

I next drawn owls, this was an animal which was already a choice set for us, but we were also asked to draw animals which we are most scared of, I have this year discovered I am terrified of real life owls (not so much of illustrations of the demon creatures, but definitely the real life ones), so I began to draw owls. Heres my first page of owls:

I love the variations and how they look together as a compilation of images!

I think my favourite image of this whole exercise is this owl above, I even love the text underneath, somethings happens to me when I've got orange newspaper in my hands, I get all excited and start to make images I actually like.

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