Monday, 10 October 2011

Secret and Strength

I could not for the life of my think of one secret that I have. I maybe used to have secrets, but recently I've become more myself and open about everything there is to me. I dont have secrets, so how could I represent one? Obviously, my 'secret' emblem had to represent in some way how I had none, an open book maybe? I had to think of other sayings and metaphors which represented honesty, and then I turned the page of the vintage tattoos book and saw this:

A deck of cards laid out, obviously, how did I not think of it? I decided I would use an image like this, an image of cards, as in I have 'laid all my cards on the table'. I have nothing left to win nor lose, as I have no secrets.

My strength was very similar as my strength was that I am honest an true to myself, a trait I think everyone needs, a trait which can take some people a long time to learn to do! There have been times where I've lied completely to myself, been in so much denial and its so much better having no secrets, even from yourself. Whilst looking through the vintage tattoo book (this book seriously has almost everything I'd ever need, its brilliant) I found these images:

The above images have the words 'death before dishonour' on the scroll. It stood out to me instantly, it was perfect for what I was looking for, that I would rather die than be dishonest, okay, not literally, but in a sense that if I were to go back to being dishonest to myself, what's the point? It's almost like who I truelly am would be dead, the essence of myself wouldn't be who I truelly am.

I think my choices of images are coming on really well...

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