Monday, 10 October 2011

Steve jobs

When I heard of Steve Jobs death, I'll be honest I had no idea who he was. I'm not going to pretend I knew all about him and was deeply upset from the offset. However, after 5 minutes of finding out just exactly who he was, I realised he'd already made a massive impact to me and alot of people around me.
As a creative person I am drawn to the style of things, the way things look, pretty things which make life easier. Which is why when I was in high school I decided I needed an ipod mini, I'd never seen an ipod before, no-one in my school had one yet and I just needed one. After a little persuading my mum bought me one, I remember everyone in school was so jealous! And so they should've been. I had all of my music collection at the time on my ipod, every single song I owned, and they were there with their 128mb mp3 players (none of them seemed to understand that an ipod was actually just an mp3 player, but compared to theirs, with a much larger capacity.). People eventually started getting mp3 players with screens and larger capacitys, similar to my ipod.. nothing like my ipod though. Nothing as organised, as easy, as pretty as my ipod.

I've been using computers since I was about 7, I've had 4 desktop PCs and around 6 laptops. Where are they now? broken. Every one of my computers have lasted a little longer than a year, so unorganised, so dull, so filled with virus. I've had my mac just over a year and (touch wood) have never had a single problem with it, it does everything I need it to do, in the easiest and most organised and helpful way possible. For creative people macs are essential, they just work better for it, the programs are easier to use and the way its orgranised it just perfect for us. The fact that they're much nicer looking too and don't seem to make any noise atall (in the sense of a fan or some form of cooling hardware).. okay its superficial, but we're designers, illustrators, musicians, who wants something ugly that sounds like a hoover? Steve Jobs understood this. Understood what we needed and wanted from a machine. Apple hardware and software has made my life so much easier in personal and academic ways.

Below is a speech of his which is definitely worth a watch, very inspiring:

Now I'll leave you as I've just dug out my ipod mini and my ipod video and have a lot of music and videos to re-familiarise myself with, so excited..

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