Sunday, 9 October 2011


For the next part of the brief involving our inventive characters, we had to use these skills we've developed to create a set of characters/emblems/shapes/things to represent 6 different things:

1. A hope
2. A fear
3. A secret
4. A strength
5. A weakness
6. An alter ego

We have to respresent these together as part of a totem that will accompany me and my family throughout life. I firstly decided what the 6 different things of mine would be..

1. A hope - To be happy and loved.
2. A fear - Losing people/myself.
3. A secret - I have no secrets..
4. A strength - I'm honest and true to myself.
5. A weakness - Forgiving people too easily.
6. An alter ego - A sailor girl obviously!

I then picked up my vintage tattoo designs book for inspiration, I didn't want to create characters as such, but I thought tattoo design esque emblems would work really well together! I now need to decide what kind of images will work best for each emblem..

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