Saturday, 8 October 2011

Trips to London and general update of my obsession with Girls Aloud

A photo I took of Girls Aloud at their 2009 Out Of Control tour.

If you've ever met me, you'll know I LOVE Girls Aloud. As they are currently on hiatus, they've been doing a lot of solo projects which is really exciting for the fans because not only does it mean theres more things to keep up with but also lots of opportunities to meet the girls. I recently went to watch Nicola Roberts perform at G-A-Y in London. She was performing tracks from her debut solo album which was amazing, her solo album is really impressive, the lyrics are so heartfelt and the producers she's worked with have really got it right. One song that is particularly heartfelt is the sticks and stones, which speaks about how she felt bullied almost by the press throughout her career with Girls Aloud with lyrics like "Too young to buy my own bottle of vodka, so i'd beg the driver please I need another, how funny that I was too young for so many things, yet you thought i'd cope with being told i'm ugly, over and over i'd read it believe it, said no to the shrink I can fix me I think" I feel like I can really connect with this song having a similar look to Nicola, it would always upset me when she was insulted as I just felt as though they were insulting me too, making fun of her skin tone or hair colour.

Sticks and Stones - Nicola Roberts

After seeing Nicola at G-A-Y at the weekend, the next week I went to her album signing and met her there, she recognised me from the G-A-Y gig which was really exciting! She gave out 'team ginge' gingerbread men and girls which was very cute and spent ages speaking to everyone and getting photographs with everyone too. We asked her if she was planning on seeing Kimberley (Walsh) performing in shrek as princess Fiona and she said she would be on opening night, Nicolas birthday, which was the day we had tickets for too so we said we'd see her there, amazing!

Meeting Nicola at her album signing

It was going to be Nicolas birthday so I thought I'd make her a card. On my way back from London after seeing her at G-A-Y I drawn this, so I made it into a vinyl sticker then into a card..

On 5th october I went down to London to watch Kimberley Walsh as Princess Fiona in shrek on her opening night, she has taken over the role from Amanda Holden as she's left to have a baby. As it was opening night there was a real buzz around the theatre, sadly I didn't meet Kimberley but everyone else seemed to (bad timing on my part!), but she did come out after and thank everyone for their support which was really nice, so I sort of met her I guess..

I was really impressed with Kimberelys performance! Her singing was brilliant and she seemed to just fit into the role perfectly (obviously, you know, minus being really far from an ogre in reality). There was a tap dancing number which I was apprehensive about seeing because I didn't imagine it being something I'd really be into seeing, but it was so good! Where we were sat we could also see Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts perfectly and they kept waving at us and speaking to us which was really exciting, we sang Hapy Birthday to Nicola and was shouting thankyou up to us, was so surreal to see them watching Kimberely as Fiona for the first time while we were too! My best friend Matt has moved back home to London so when I'm there I stay with him, I stayed with him after seeing Shrek, I love the photo of us below..

The next day I went around London on my own and ended up back at the theatre, I was speaking to the lady who worked at the stage door and she let me in to watch the show backstage on her monitor until I had to leave for my train. Apparently Kimberleys performance in the day wasn't as good as the night before (although I'm not surprised as she was out the night before for Nicolas birthday, and her first performance was really good), but she said her vocals and performance had really improved since the afternoon, I thought she again sounded amazing! I got to meet the very talented Nigel Harman who plays Lord Farquad in the musical which was really exciting as I'm a really big fan, I even went down to London when I was 14 to see him in guys and dolls! For his part in shrek he has to do the whole show on his kneews because his character is really small, its really clever and impressive, I wish I would've remembered to tell him just how impressive it was!

Aswell as going to musicals, gigs, and seeing my best friend, I also did visit some galleries. When I first went down to London to see Nicola at G-A-Y, I noticed a poster for this exhibition at the national portrait gallery. I love old school hollywood glamour, its just looks so sophisticated and beautiful, the men look so smart and well presented while the women just look so strong, powerful and glamourous. As I had a whole day of time to kill on my own in London as Matt had gone to work I remembered that exhibition so made my way to the national portrait gallery and had a look around, it cost £5.50, but if you're into that sort of stuff, then its definitely worth it, it shows photographs of hollywood stars from the 1920's up until the 1960's, I particularly loved the images of Marylin Monroe and James Dean, I think they just epitomise that era. I bought some postcards of some of the photographs which I particularly liked, ready to put up on the board infront of my desk at uni!

One of the postcards I bought!

So, all in all I would recommend going to see the 'Glamour of the Gods' exhibiton at The National Portrait Gallery. I would recommend seeing Kimberely Walsh, Nigel Harman, and the rest of the cast in Shrek the Musical and I would defnitely recommend having a listen to Nicola Roberts Album 'Cinderellas Eyes'. Oh and I'd recommend a night out in London with your best friend..

I'll leave you with my current favourite track off 'Cinderellas Eyes' (even though its a cover, and here the pitch has been highered for youtube..)

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