Monday, 10 October 2011

Weakness and Fear

Next was my weakness. I'm aware I have a lot of weaknesses but obviously as this is a public piece of work I will be showing to my classmates etc these are things I would have to explain to people! So I decided to stick with a weakness pretty self explanatory, I forgive people too easily. I looked around for ideas and images to inspire but yet again I was drawn back to my vintage tattoo book, as I'd been using this for all the other emblems inspiration, it made sense to continue this way, in this style. As soon as I had a look through, it was obvious what I would do. I had seen images such as this:

The images of people shaking hands to me automatically suggest meeting new people, making friendships, my friendships are really important to me, and I think displaying the fact I forgive people too easily as a weakness is important as I feel it is strength to forgive people, not being too stubborn, but in certain circumstances can become a weakness, and here it is a reminder to understand the happy medium between things like this.


I have so many fears, mannequins, wax works, spiders, heights, rides.. everything really. But as I'm actually scared of these things I didn't really want to spend my time drawing them out or looking at them, ever. So I decided on a more sentimental fear, losing people. I absolutely despise the thought of losing people in any sense of the word, its the worst feeling in the world.
I didn't really want to draw anything too morbid or obvious. I really didn't know what I would d at this point so I just put a circle in place of where this emblem would go on my totem.. I'd come back to it later.

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