Saturday, 10 December 2011


When we went to Poland, we visited Auschwitz concentration camp, the Auschwitz complex was the largest of its kind established by the Nazi regime. It was horrible. It was really emotional, I particularly hated seeing masses of the victims hair, 7 tonnes was on display to show just how bad the mass killing was, we couldn't take photos of this out of respect, however theres a photograph of the masses of shoes which were taken from victims, that'll give you an idea of how horrific it is. It was horrible, but to me, listening to the stories of just how many people were killed there and how they were almost just numbers, I couldn't get my head around it being real, I almost felt like I was on a film set, I seriously couldn't understand how what they were saying had happened, in real life. When I got home though it took me a while to look at these photos. There was two camps we visited, heres some photos from the first one.

Walking through the camp.

Earn filled with the ashes of victims.

Masses of empty gas containers.

Babies clothes collected from the camp.

Masses and masses of victims shoes.

One of the blocks.

Corridor featuring images of victims.

'Death block'.

The shooting wall.

Inside an actual gas chamber.

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