Thursday, 29 December 2011

Patrick Caulfield

You should look at the wonderful work of Patrick Caulfield, he became know in the 1960's for his painting which were recognised by flat images of objects next to much sharper angular geometric devices or set against larger areas of colour. This quote taken from The Tate online, links with what you are looking at in your image for Age UK.

"He adopted the anonymous technique of the sign painter, dispensing with visible brushwork and distracting detail and simplifying the representation of objects to a basic black outline in order to present ordinary images as emblems of a mysterious reality."

In his later work, his work plays with architectural elements and he places abstracted elements next to highly realistic ones. It is hard to tell that it is painted it is so realistic, it looks like a photograph. I saw an exhibition of his many years ago and I could have studied the images for hours.

Picture Credits:
'Interior with a Picture' 1985-6 Acrylic on canvas: 2058 x 2442 mm
'Reserved Table' 2000 Acrylic on canvas, 183 x 190 cm
'Fruit Display' 1996 acrylic on canvas 193.4 x 193.4 cm

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