Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Maly Siri

I have just been looking at Vivienne Westwood posters, and just had to know who created the 'Naughty Alice' and 'Cheeky Alice' illustrations, I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood as it is, so when she realsed those fragrances with those particular images to advertise them, I was amazed!

How good are they?!

After asking on twitter, I was informed pin up artist Maly Siri. Her work is amazing! I have literally never seen something I have been so jealous or inspired by, her work makes me so jealous! Whate makes me even more jealous is that upon looking on her blog, her second most recent post is a post in which she shows her recent outing in which she was live drawing amongst burlesque dancers.. I want to do that! Well, I want to do that when I'm actually happy with my drawing style I guess, I find it really hard having the patience to draw women well.. but after seeing her work I'm going to force myself, I need to be this good.. and I potentially am.. I just don't have the patience! So wish me luck whilst I attempt to draw the perfect pin up girl :).. will post her on here if she's a success!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Shark + Anchor

Okay I've not posted on here for AGES, and thats because I've been working really hard on the uni brief we've just finished. Which I'm going to talk about a little bit here, but if you want a more detailed idea of whats been going on.. have a look on the shark + anchor blog.

So, in uni we were given a choice of 3 briefs in which we would work in a group with other people/person from another pathway. Naturally me and Natalie Molyneux chose to work together. The brief which we chose was one in which we would create a design and display for the shop window of Bramhall based toy shop 'toys and tales'.

First of all our manifesto was created for our group which we had named 'shark + anchor':

Then we decided on our idea, it was only a short brief so obviously this decision needed to be made quickly to benefit our work. We discussed ideas of maybe a circus theme, however we automatically dismissed themes that involved fairytales or dragons, they just were not the kind of thing we wanted to make. It almost became what we wouldn't do, rather than what we would do, leaving us with the obvious, but ultimate choice, of a sea theme. We had a look through alot of books and websites and after we'd made this decision over the weekend and made sure we'd made the right choice whilst also gathering research. We decided we'd made the right decision and thought I was best to get on with making our ideas as we'd pretty much agreed on them from he offset.

We first created sketches and shown eachother, our sketches were exactly the same. This was really good, there was no arguements, no disagreements, we knew what we wanted straight away and just got onto working out how we'd execute our ideas. We decided the 3 windows would display one scene throughout which would be a sea theme, which would start at the left, which would be underwater featuring an anchor, a treasure chest etc. then moving on the next window would be above water featuring a whale and then things such as clouds and stars, the next window would feature more land, buildings and a boat. We made lists of what would go in each window and who would ideally work on what.

After looking at our research and referring to the brief, seeing that the shop keepers were keen to show 1950's style illustrations, we decided it would be a good idea to use white borders around each of our shapes. We also decided our windows would be blue monotone, we thought this would work well, we decided it would look nice, and aswell as being appealing to children, it would show a more sophisticated aesthetic to appeal to the adult who would be shopping here too. We didn't want the colours on our shapes to be perfect, we wanted to add a grainy feel to them, so heres where we made this:

This is a scan of a small 3d design we made using paper which had been printed with various blue inks. We really liked the graininess of the shapes, and also how the aspects of our idea worked together as a scene. We decided would would definitely use printing techniques to create our shapes, characters and elements in our windows. Whilst researched, and from what we already knew we liked, we decided patterns within the shapes were a nice idea, would work really well. We worked together on creating patterns which would fill our shapes, we created a light, medium and dark pattern, these were all drawn out then made on illustrator, we decided we would then screen print these.

Before screen printing our patterns, we printed them out onto paper from the computers and decided to make 3 small 3d dioramas which would show almost exactly what would go in our windows and how hey would each look, or give a good idea atleast.

Heres photos of the 3 individual small sets:

Heres 3 close up photos showing how they may look in the actual windows:

Heres and image of two of the windows which would be next to eachother (with a door inbetween) showing how they work next to eachother as an ongoing image:

Whilst I was photographing those images, Natalie was screen printing our patterns:

I really like how the screen prints turned out, they were not perfect, and thats what we liked, they were grainy and in parts smudged and the patterns didn't match up entirely, this is what we were hoping would accidentally happen, and it did, adding a charm to them that we really, really liked!

So after this we cut out shapes of what we would include in our window.. for example we cut out a whale (which is a bad quailty photo because it was taken on a mobile phone.. sorry!). This started to give an idea how the patterns would work, how the patterns would look from the distance. I love it!


This was pretty much the end of our work on this project, we had shown what we'd looked at, how we'd got there, what our windows would look like, in small diorama form, what our real life size objects would look like, and how it would all work together. We then created our presentations, presented to our fellow students and to the shop keepers, hope they liked it!

Be sure to look at the shark + anchor blog to have a look at our ongoing adventures :)