Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Maly Siri

I have just been looking at Vivienne Westwood posters, and just had to know who created the 'Naughty Alice' and 'Cheeky Alice' illustrations, I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood as it is, so when she realsed those fragrances with those particular images to advertise them, I was amazed!

How good are they?!

After asking on twitter, I was informed pin up artist Maly Siri. Her work is amazing! I have literally never seen something I have been so jealous or inspired by, her work makes me so jealous! Whate makes me even more jealous is that upon looking on her blog, her second most recent post is a post in which she shows her recent outing in which she was live drawing amongst burlesque dancers.. I want to do that! Well, I want to do that when I'm actually happy with my drawing style I guess, I find it really hard having the patience to draw women well.. but after seeing her work I'm going to force myself, I need to be this good.. and I potentially am.. I just don't have the patience! So wish me luck whilst I attempt to draw the perfect pin up girl :).. will post her on here if she's a success!

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