Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Almost finished 'Drive' Illustration

To me before I start working on anything, I really need to know what colours I'll be using in my final piece so I can work accordingly, if I know what colours I'm going to use, all sorts of other ideas start to appear. The colour of the typography used for 'drive' is a neon pink, this works really well in relation to the mood and feel of the film, and I thought it was a colour which must be included within my magazine cover illustration. I created the basic idea for my front cover, and then started to edit to colours to get exactly what I wanted, here it the basic almost finished, front cover (below), featuring The Drivers face with the L.A. skyline in the background, in blues and pinks, I now need to add some more driving-related imagery, tweak some small areas of the whole image, add the title and place it within the template provided by little white lies. The 'moon' area is where the little white lies logo will go. 

I really like how it looks overall so far, I especially think the colours work really well!

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