Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Justin Van Genderen, Skylines + Drive Background

Next I needed to work on the background, what would be behind the driver. I had been looking a lot at retro posters for cities and have recently became a little obsessed with city skylines! Drive in set in L.A.  which has a beautiful skyline, it would be obscene to not include this in some way. The work by Justin Van Genderen are some of my favourite images of this kind, my age UK work was greatly inspired by these kind of images (below). I like the idea behind these images, but I also really like the way the flat shapes are placed against the textured backgrounds, I love working in this way.

In an article about Drive, on website ScreenRant.com, it states: "Refn (Director) has continuously referred to the film as a modern Grimm fairytale (unlikely hero rises to battle evil king, saves princess) and I for one always saw the ending as the hero saving the girl, while also being denied the “happily ever after” cliche he may want. Indeed, the implications of the film are such that Driver will likely speed off into new adventures, as Refn claims, albeit still stuck in the lonely and isolated existence in which we found him. The only difference is: he now knows what kind of hero he can be.". This furthers the idea of that the driver was almost a real life superhero, which made me think of the images above. These images show superheroes in the cities they are from, I thought this worked really well with the idea for my drive illustration featuring elements of L.A. scenery as I think its an important part of the story that the driver is from there, working on hollywood movies by day, and becoming almost an alter ego at night time being a getaway driver. I started looking at hollywood scenes and decided that the hills, the scryscrapers and the palm trees are really what make it recognisable, and began to start creating some of these elements to add to my Drive illustration..

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