Friday, 10 February 2012

Little white lies brief..

So the the brief we've been working on at university is a live competition brief in which we have to design a cover for film magazine little white lies. We had to create a front cover of the magazine, based on a choice of 5 films, I chose drive. After watching drive I just thought the mood the mood of the film was so intense and interesting, it would be really interesting to explore.

First of all, I think when working on an image based on a film, its really important to be aware of the mood, themes and sounds within the film. The way that I saw drive was almost like a moving comic, a lot of the scenes were really slow and atmospheric, and the separation between each scene was very clear, almost as though you could see the clear transformation from where it had been a storyboard, to where it has been made into the film. The whole film had a 1980's feel to me, maybe because the driving scenes remind me alot of the grand theft auto games that are set in the 1980's or maybe its because of the sountrack which has a really 'eighties' feel to it. The song "nightcall" from the soundtrack was one I particularly liked, listening to it whilst doing research and coming up with my first ideas really helped!

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