Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ryan Goslings face

Drawing Ryan Gosling in 'Drive'

- A view of Ryan from the front and from the back showing his jacket featuring scorpion emblem-

The little white lies covers usually feature a portrait of who is perceived as the main character of the chosen film, so this is the format I intended to follow. The main character in Drive who is never named, only referred to as "the driver" is played by Ryan Gosling. His features are not extremely recognisable to his character, as his expressions throughout the film are almost apathetic and stay almost the same throughout, it is more so his outfit which is, his outfit works within the film almost as how a superheroes costume does. I started sketching some ideas, just simple shapes of his face, but found it really difficult to make it look like him at first, as his face isn't really the most recognisable thing when it comes to his character, so I decided parts of his clothing would need to be visible. I carried on sketching ideas for his face, and began to work on the elements -what his face would be made up of. I split it into sections (below) and decided how the shading would work regarding colours, I wanted really limited colour, so this was important.

Below on the left you can see how the edited photograph I used to plan the shading on his face, and then on the right you can see how I've started to work up the image of his face on illustrator, firstly using skin tones, which I would edit later.

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