Sunday, 4 March 2012

howkapow + retro food

We've been given a new brief in relation to howkapow, a website selling all sorts of quirky illustrated prints and objects. For this brief we are to make illustrations with the intention of being printed on some of the objects which howkapow print and sell, a mug, a tea towel, and a tray. We were given two different trends which are working well for howkapow at the moment; scandinavian folk tales and food.

I automatically chose to work on 'food' as I have been working on a cd cover for a local singer at the moment in which I have been drawing a lot of ice creams for, I have also got a little bit obsessed (unsurprisingly) with the animations and illustrations within intermitions of 1950's/1960's drive in movies! The one below is amazing, and how good is the music?

I want to make one of these...

I have looked on howkapows website, and their is defintely room for some retro, kitsch, 1950's esque illustrations! I am going to continue to obsess over these sorts of animations and look at lots of packaging and products from the 1950's to get me started...

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