Sunday, 4 March 2012

What will I illustrate?

I know I want to use 1950's style food illustrations in my image for 'howkapow', although, its hard to choose what exactly I am going to illustrate. I don't want to illustrate any form of cupcakes! Cupcakes are everywhere, they are lovely things, but they have been over used so much in recent illustrations, they just look so tacky now, I feel like in a way I should illustrate them to make them look credible as an image element again as some sort of challenge for myself, but I won't. I have been looking at a lot of candy however, I don't want to use the overtly obvioius sweets in a wrapper, too much, as it can become a bit cliche I find, like the cupcakes.

I've been looking a lot at the packaging of foods, and it is confusing me a little, because obviously I'm illustrating the actual food, not just the packaging for the food, however the style of the packaging is what I'm interested in, so I guess I need understand in my own mind that I am illustrating 1950's food, in the style of 1950's food packaging.. I think.

I've been looking at a lot at cereal boxes and other household food items, but as I've recently became a little obsessed with the intermission animations at 1950's drive in movies, I think I want to focus on the food and imagary involved with them. I like the idea of using household things, as then obviously I could include images of 1950's house wives and families, but I think for this brief I want to try and not get too carried away on drawing 1950's ladies for once..

Heres another 1950's drive in movie intermission animation:  

 The music and the voieces and so interesting, I wonder, did everyone speak like that?

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