Monday, 23 April 2012



At this point I hadn't sketched down any ideas yet, so with energy drink, a book for inspiration and my sketchbook I started to put down some ideas for my howkapow illustration based on food. As you can see here 'no cupcakes' was my number one rule.


I began to sketch down ideas, I got really obsessed with using coloured charcoal as it gave a really textured feel, I got so obsessed I filled a whole sketchbook in a day. I started to really like the way that the shapes of the different food items wee looking, I made them over and over again until it just came natural to draw these shapes so I could then start seeing what colours would work well.


These were the final items I decided on to use,  a drink in a carton, a hot dog, an ice cream, an ice lolly and some popcorn, I made lots of different rough sketches in different colours to see what worked best. The current items on Howkapows website feature alot of colourful work, I thought the theme I was going with helped me include this, it meant a colourful palette would be acceptable to the client, but also would look right. I decided on this green and pink pastel coloured palette for my illustrations, pastel colours are 'in' at the moment too, so that informed my choice as well.


Above are some rough sketches where I began to draw each item separately, I started to work on the idea of each item having a brand like some of the 1950's and 1960's items would have, and also an image created with that in mind for a popcorn illustration.


I then started working to create the items shapes on illustrator, these looked too clinical and perfect, so it was time to create some stencils which you can see above, of the shapes for each item, I then printed these in both pink and green pastel colours, and then started to arrange them digitally, I now had my items, it was time to think about composition, this I found really difficult. 

Above are some of the individual items I had created and needed to arrange for my final illustration for my tea towel and mug designs.. 

Above is my first attempt at composition and the idea for my final tea towel design, I really liked how this looked, almost like it was glow in the dark, like something you might find in a kids magazine, a bit like a kids sticker pack or something similar, however my teachers thought the black didn't work well, that something was lost when the background was so dark, I didn't like that composition when the colours were inverted back so I had to work on different composition styles.

Bad Blogger... time to catch up!

Okay so I've not blogged in a million years, this isn't because I'm lazy or can't be bothered, its quite the opposite.. because I am constantly busy! I would love to come home after a day at an exhibition or photo shoot or uni and blog straight away about all the exciting things I've done in the day, but sadly when I get home, the work doesn't stop.. there is much much more and it would be impossible to finish it all! I've been to london twice, designed two cd covers, met lots of new interesting people, photographed a music video, finished some university projects... it never ends, and I love it. But today I am hopefully going to update the world of blogger on all these things as it is definitely important.. there just needs to be more time in the day doesn't there?