Friday, 11 May 2012


Here are 3 pieces of advice I would give myself to further my work and my abilities as a creative!

1. Just because its a published piece doesn't mean its your best piece.
By this I mean when looking through work for my portfolio, i was tending to select a few things that weren't really 'me' anymore, and this was only because these were competition wins, finished pieces or published pieces, I realised that these weren't the kind of work I would like to produce, so why would this be the work I would show people?

2. Go with you own instincts.
This is such a cliche thing to say, but it is the most relevant piece of advice I need listen to, I have spent way too much time in every area of life doing things which I think will make other people happy, pushing my own views aside sometimes, the times in which things have been most successful is when I have put my own thoughts first, my own opinions, and got on with what I need to do. I spent too much time worrying about trying to get all the back up work done, when in reality the best of my work has been created by just getting stuck in and doing it.

3. Make  project our own.
Every illustrator or creative I have spoke to has said that they have had projects which sounded uninteresting to them, however that it is a skill you need to learn to be able to take project you would never write yourself, into something which will make your work flourish. Speaking to Lord Whitney, they made me realise this as I was uninterested in my brief at the time, they told me how they had had projects in the past, but how they had made sure they included things they liked in there, to make it more interesting and feel like it was their own.

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