Friday, 18 May 2012

Dr Sketchys

After our boat ride into London, it was a bit of a drama and we were a little bit late, but eventually we found our way to Dr Sketchys Burlesque life drawing class. I have wanted to go for SO long, so I was really excited. The class took place on the top floor of the old queens head in islington, the room which it was in had brilliant lighting and the art work around the room was really interesting, really fitting with the theme of the burlesque goings on.

The view from my seat

Throughout the class the model would pose in different ways and we all had to draw them, each pose lasted 5 minutes, and Dusty Limits (the host) would add random ideas which we had to fit into our drawings, for example one was that the model was in a secret garden. I started to draw 'properly' for a while, and then once the male model Lieutenant Luke came on, Dusty told us to draw him solely of geometric shapes, I realised from this that the way I draw actually is of made up shapes! This is probably because I work best when collaging, and like to create images using illustrator too, so I see everything I draw as made up shapes. 

Amelie Soleil and my drawing of her in that pose

My first drawing of Lieutenant Luke, and then my
 'geometric shapes' drawing of him, which is much better!

My drawings of Lieutenant Luke and Amelie Soleil 
and both performers posing together.

I had a great time, it really helped me to think about how I draw people, especially because it was exactly the kind of people that I like to draw too. I cant wait until I can get down to another Dr Sketchy event!

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