Friday, 11 May 2012

Jill Calder

Recently Jill Calder came into university to give us a lecture, she was awesome! She told us everything we needed to know about the industry and the way that she has worked throughout her career. She told us exactly how it is and explained to us the positives and negatives of certain things. it was refreshing to speak to someone who had had a lot of experience, yet still remembered how it felt to be in our place.

Above is a piece of work she shown us, I really liked the way that all hr characters were actually quite different but still looked like they were from the same world.
Afterwards she came and spoke to us all about the work for our 8x8 illustrations to help us with what he had done so far, she liked mine, as she had written down, having read the story what she thought the illustration would look like and it matched exactly what she had written! She seemed to have faith in my illustration at that point, which made me feel much more confident to move forward with it, I would be interested to see what she thought of it at its current stage!

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