Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One day project

So we got back to uni today, and were thrown straight back into it all by being a set a one day brief in which we, illustration, were to work with graphics to create an image based on a certain question regarding doing our degree at stockport college. I worked with Danny and Rachel and we had the question 'what inspires you', we had lots of ideas of composition, using shapes with different objects in, or letters surrounded by objects.. but one thing which was consistent, is that we wanted to feature items from all areas of things we are inspired by, and collectively create an image featuring them all. We thought it was necessary to create something which would include the word 'inspiration' to clearly state what we were illustrating, simple but effective I feel. We collected lots of different images, musicians, characters from films, pieces of art, we then used our images collected to create different letters to spell out 'inspiration'. Below is our finished piece at the end of the one day:

We were happy with how far we'd got so far however would like to work on it more, we have all worked extra on this and tried to further the design, here is how I furthered the design, I felt that the type was easier to read as one clear word rather than separate letters, I also added the background colour as I just think this worked better with the type.. not sure what the other guys think yet though so we'll have to see what the final final image will look like soon.

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