Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pick me up

So last month I went to London twice.. the second of my visits was to go to pick me up! I went to see the David Shrigley and Jeremy Deller exhibition too, I didn't really have much of an opinion on any of it, I wasn't particularly inspired by anything I saw, however there was a map in the Jeremy Deller exhibition drawn of Manchester by a child which shown a lot of places I know of which I found interesting and coincidental considering I was in London. So pick me up was at somerset house, below:

When I arrived I was literally amazed, when I'm in exhibition, gallery type areas there is usually very little I'm like "wow!" at, but at pick me up everything was amazing! I was so happy walking around, everything was catching my eye, there was not one thing I looked at with a negative view. Below is an image by Tim Mcdonagh which I was particularly amazed by, I'm obsessed with tattooed sailor ladies, but not only that, limited colour too, especially the use of black white and red, so this caught my eye instantly, it inspired me so much, straight away I wanted to go off and draw some sailor ladies of my own (I did).

Tim Mcdonagh

Below is some of the work created by Sarah Beetson, I really liked how the subjects she illustrates are well known people or situations, I like that because it shows how she, personally,  illustrates certain people, I always find the way that different people draw different things really interesting. I particularly liked her illustrations of Amy Winehouse and Sailor Jerry which you can see below.

Sarah Beetson

Below is the work of Paul X Johnson, his work although it had bright areas seemed really dark, I liked this as I think it made the images really atmospheric. I liked the way the shapes were really smooth too, his illustration style I think is one of the many ways I wish I could draw.

Paul X Johnson

Inside pick me up

Nice view of london on the walk there

I had a great time looking at everyones work and speaking to a few people too, it was nice to tell people personally that you really liked their work. I wish i'd gone for more than one day now or had stayed longer (I had to leave early to go and see wicked though, which was also amazing!). Can't wait for next year!

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