Friday, 11 May 2012

Shooting The Marivaux music video with Northern Lads!

Around this time last year I was asked by my friend Andy to do some film stills for a short film his production company was creating. That hasn't been released as of yet, however I was asked to work with them again, to take some film still shots for a music video they were filming and producing. I said yes as it was really fun last time, and the experience I gained from just being on set was really helpful and interesting, it was also great to meet new talented people too! The music video was for band the Marivaux.

We shot the first lot of shots on the sunday and this was the band scene, so there was a lot of time re-creating a gig like setting, filming the crowd jumping up and down, the band playing, all that sort of stuff. On the tuesday we then shot the majority of the rest of the scenes, this was really fun and exciting although very cold as we were out in the centre of town until 4 in the morning! It was really interesting and exciting to chat to everyone in between takes as well as actually taking photos too.  The lighting was really dark in parts, so I'll admit I got a little bit stressed out, however DOP Jay helped me out and all was fine! Below are some of the photographs that I liked from over the two days.. cant wait to see the final video!

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