Thursday, 10 May 2012

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When I became aware that we had to contact people from industry and get advice or opinions on their way of working or the industry itself, I began to contact illustrators, I did not have much luck at all with this, and am still awaiting replies, as I have been working quite a lot recently with other creatives in the form of photographers, actors, directors. I thought it would be useful to contact these, as although the disciplines are entirely different in a sense, there are so many similarities.

I emailed the Jay, who is a photographer that I met when shooting for the Marivaux music video, he was really helpful as he is a skilled photographer, and as I'm on my way to getting there, he was really helpful when I was having stresses and dramas!  Although he is predominantly a photographer, he was the director of photography for the music video, so he was venturing into new disciplines. So here are my questions and answers:

What are you opinions on creatives of any discipline working for free in the start of their career?
I think working for free at a time, you can learn so much and its a massive bonus but it has to be to a point where you are learning and not just being used because you are free. I have been doing a few video projects for free as in The Marivaux video as I know that there are definitely things to be gained in the future.

Do you think creatives have to stick to one style of work (one style of photography/illustration etc) to be successful?
No you are better finding your self a set ground at what your good at and expand from there. My main core of photography work is interiors and property, but I still do equally well from still life and fashion.

Would you give any advice to or opinions on people aspiring to work in multiple creative disciplines? 
I think diversifying is a necessity in this day and age, I think movie making is a natural progression with the advent of dslrs with movie functions so I think if you think in this day and age you can just be a photographer, you have blinkers on. Lots of top photographers are now making short films and music videos I think that's where photographers will excel as when I shoot films I think of them as thousands of still images.

I found Jay's responses particularly interesting because it is what I have realised recently, I have done quite a lot of work for free over the past few years to gain experience, and I'm starting to feel now, people think that you need them more than they need you, and it gets to a point where that isn't the case. I do however gain lots of experience on some free jobs, so its all relative to the circumstances. Also I think his ideas are similar to mine in the sense that people shouldn't limit themselves to one style, however should have a set area/style which they are predominantly skilled in. His ideas are also similar in the sense of working in different disciplines, it is good to expand your work into different areas, it gives you much more depth as a creative, as well as there being different areas which you can output your work. I found Jay's responses really useful in clarifying that my ideas are exactly what someone with years of experience thinks too! Thanks Jay!

Here is the Shot ID website so take a look at his work!

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