Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Madonna project beginnings

For the project we had to start working on over summer, I pondered on what I was really interested in, I thought about it and what interests me most is music, especially music created by females as I am extremely fascinated by powerful women, women who have an impact on the world in some way shape or form. After thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I had made my decision, I would do it on Madonna (who else?). I also decided to ask twitter and Facebook for clarification however, I asked "Can everyone please tell me who they believe to be the most inspirational and iconic Female musician".. I had many responses, the majority conveniently being Madonna.

I had been a fan of Madonna all my life, becoming increasingly obsessed in recent years the more I have learnt about her, the more I've loved her. This summer however would be the first time I would ever see her live, this added to the excitement of the project as I would actually be seeing and experiencing the subject matter of my work in real life, and not just any subject.. actual real life Madonna!

I know quite about her already, however now was time to get completely obsessed (quite an easy task for me..). I have began buying and reading any book I can find about her, searching through charity shops and record stores for old vinyls and memorabilia, watching all of her tours available, watching documentaries and speaking to other fans about her too. There is seriously a lot to find out, she has had a very interesting life, in my opinion, however I am very interested to learn it all create illustrative responses based on her career, life, and the impact she has had on popular culture and also individuals.

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