Sunday, 22 July 2012

Making a Madonna T-shirt

After leaving my Madonna t-shirt in Poland (which was devastating by the way) I decided I needed an individual Madonna inspired t-shirt to wear when I saw HRH Madonna herself over the summer at it is obviously one of the most important days of my life, I mean, its Madonna!

 I started thinking about what I wanted to do on it, 'express yourself don't repress yourself' is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite Madonna songs 'human nature' but I didn't really want to some sort of 'slogan' t-shirt. So I thought of shapes I could make and use, and thought crosses are pretty popular at the moment, a cross would work perfectly as Madonna uses a lot of religious imagery in performance and art.

I settled on the idea of a cross with the words 'Like a prayer' underneath, bought a black t-shirt, acquired some bleach and began cutting out stencils. I cut out stencils onto thick masking tape, stuck that to the t-shirt and put a pile of heavy books on top to make sure it stuck. I then sprayed bleach onto the areas I wanted to change colour, and waiting for it to change.

The writing is a little distorted but that was expected and I like it. I love how it turned out, I added studs which was a drama however I think looked great. It was fun to make and I have had lots of people ask where I bought it from!

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