Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mathew Petit CD artwork

I really love working with bands and musicians, I think listening to music when creating artwork is really helpful, so working with musicians is really interesting as I always work listening to their music, and that really helps the outcome.

I recently heard some of Mathew Petits music, I was really impressed, he's a young musicians from Manchester with a really professional and mature sound.  So when he saw my artwork for Kat Mullens EP and asked me if I'd be able to help with his for his debut EP, I was happy to create something for him to use. He mentioned he was interested in Aztec prints, which I am too, I love the colours used and geometric shapes really interest me, so that was a perfect starting point. Whilst listening to some of Mats music, I was playing around with different shapes and colours, his music has quite an airy feel, I felt pastel colours worked really well alongside this. I started making some patterns using illustrator and seeing what worked, I was happy with how it was looking however felt something needed changing, the layer of the patterns you see below had no gaps or over lays in at first. I then separated the colours and overlaid them, I was instantly happy with the whole look of the image and didn't want to start changing too much for fear of ruining it.

Here is the front cover:

The is created digitally, as  although I had been
 thinking a lot about what to do, I only had a very short time to 
create it in (an hour to be exact.. I'd left it to the last 
minute, as usual!) but I think over laying the layers gives
 it an almost offset screen-printed-like look to it, which
 I am really happy with, I think the flat texture really 
works well too, I wanted the whole look of this too 
be really calm, which I think I achieved.

I wanted to keep the back cover simple, so I used
 to same type and on the front adding a tiny part of
 the front cover illustration to go with it to add
 a little something to it.

Here is a preview of Mats EP which was released yesterday:

Have a listen!

This CD cover design got a lot of really really positive feedback which was lovely. I am actually really happy with this piece, and I think although it might not be the way you're 'supposed' to work.. I think  doing this has re-iterated that thinking for a long time then just doing the work and sending it off, works perfectly for me (and my clients!).

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