Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Minx for Dr. Martens

As you can see, The Minx love their Fred Perry and Dr. Martens, so when they were asked to wear some of the new Dr. Martens shirts by Dr. Martens themselves, to be photographed and put onto the facebook page, I was happy to go round the their studio and photograph them for this. I turned up with my camera, told them where to sit, and then told them just to have a chat, heres some of my favourite photos from the short shoot:

The final shot is the one Dr. Martens chose to post 
and below you can see where it was posted,
which got a lot of great feedback too:

I love photographing The Minx, their 'look' really looks great in photographs and they are really easy to work with. It was an honour to have my work featured in relation to Dr. Martens so I thank The Minx for me being their first choice of photographer!

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