Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Minx Single Launch

For the past couple of years I have been on and off taking photos for Manchester band The Minx. A few months ago, I tweeted asking 'what should I draw?', Chris, the lead singer of The Minx replied, 'draw us'. So I did.

A photograph from a shoot I did
 with The Minx a few years back.

The Minx all liked the illustration I did of them. So much so they wanted to use it as their official artwork, to be used predominately for their debut single 'No Friends'. After lots of discussions, the work started to come together. This would include, Cd front and back cover, single launch poster, stickers, T-shirt design, badges and images to be used on social networks. 

Here is the front cover:

It was sketched out, slightly digitally edited with a flat
 background colour added, and hand drawn type added too.

Here is the back cover:

The back cover was created with a mixture 
of digital type and hand drawn.

The band and their management were really happy with the artwork, and the response I've had about it has been amazing, I have had so many people that I've never met or spoke to before come up to me or contacting me on social networks to say how well it works and what a great job I've done, which is lovely.

I'll upload the rest of the artwork and an update on how the single launch went soon!

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