Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sailor Jerrys

These photos aren't the best and definitely don't show how cool this place was. But when I was last in london, we were walking around Soho trying to find our bus stop to get home for later in the night (being sensible), and asked some door men for help, I spotted an anchor hanging above the door and got excited and went straight in. It was an actual sailor jerrys bar! It used to be an ordinary art gallery, painted white, boring and completely uninspiring like most galleries are. But they had completely transformed it, all the walls were worn down, wooden, there was pictures of pin up girls collaged everywhere, tattoo books, I was in my element!

There was a room upstairs where they played films at night, and which was a gallery of sailor jerrys original work in the day, there was also a pop up sailors jerrys store in there too in the day time which sold merchandise with his tattoo flash on. As it was night time  when we were there, there was a film on we didn't get to see the gallery, but I'm really hoping to go back before it ends as its only a pop up thing. I thought this was a really good authentic way to display art, it made you feel like you were in a real life bar and tattooed sailors were to walk in at any time.

The people who worked there were lovely, serving us sailor jerrys rum cocktails and popcorn, and even gave us a sailor jerrys cup for free with and anchor on it, amazing!

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