Saturday, 28 July 2012

Screen printing set

Over the summer I discovered a screen printing set my nana bought me a few years ago, I've never really had enough spare time to try it out, so when we had a few days of sun, I thought I'd give it a try in the garden!

Above is the screen printing set, it included everything I need to create a simple screen print. So I printed off a shape to work with and got started.

I firstly painted onto the screen using drawing fluid on the areas I wanted to print, I waited for this to dry (I waited ages to be safe.. although you'll see soon how well that actually worked..). I next then covered the whole screen in screen block, waited for this to dry, then washed that all off. After that, the screen then looked like this below! (All seemed to be going well....)

It looked fine to print through perfectly, so I mixed some ink together to test it out, luckily I tested it on some paper first rather than a t-shirt because what is below is what happened.. I have no idea what happened but it obviously didn't work very well! 

What a disaster! I now decided using a stencil would be best... so started to work on some other ideas...

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