Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shark + Anchor

Me and Natalie joined together to create Shark + Anchor in uni, we worked together on a brief to create an idea for toy shop window 'toys & tales' in hopes they would choose us to illustrate and decorate their shop window... we created a design which we intended to look like this:

We presented to the shop owners and explained how our design would work. They chose us!

So now over the summer, me and Natalie have been working to get all of our elements ready to create the shop window design. The design is made up of different screen printed patterns on paper, which would be then stuck onto a thicker material to create our scene, with some 3D elements such as lights to add to the whole design.

Heres some photos of us getting the prints ready:

 We're just waiting to hear if the extra elements have been delivered to the shop, and we can start putting our design into the window. Exciting!

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