Monday, 3 September 2012

Madonna continued..

Madonna Zine

After researching into Madonnas life and career I decided that I would like to create some sort of book which focuses on Madonnas impact as a female in popular culture, her image and the things she has to say which are inspiring and interesting. I like the idea of using a mixture of illustrated images, photography and typography too.

I began finding quotes of from Madonna such as “don't tell me I can't be sexual and intelligent at the same time” which portrayed a strong feminist idea. I decided it would be a good idea to illustrate each of these quotes in some way throughout my zine. I started sketching images of Madonna and then decided on which image could go with which quote.

I really enjoyed creating the imagery for my zine for a number of reasons, it allowed to get really into a subject I was inerested in and really explore it, I have a tendancy to lose passion towards a project if the subject isn't something I am interested in, and I definitely didn't have that problem with this brief! As well as that I really enjoyed being able to work out my own way of illustrating a recognisable public figure. It was also really good to make something which was in a sense for myself, it was all my own ideas on something which I personally cared about, I want to make more zines!

I've not been able to walk...

I've not been able to walk for about two weeks as my leg has been injured, the only plus side to this is that I get to sit in bed painting and not feeling guilty, my favourites are these that I did last night.

I got a new tattoo this week from my friend for my birthday (a rose on my wrist which I love!), and being in the studio looking at at the tattoo flash on the wall really inspired me to look at all my tattoo flash books. As you can see, it really inspired the drawings above, the first one almost looks like a tattoo flash sheet! I'm proud of these as I've been drawing people alot, over and over, and I think finally, the people I draw are starting to look acceptable as characters in the same world!

Stencils + T-shirts

After my failure of a screen print attempt I decided to stick to what I know when it comes to screen printing and just made a simple stencil. I cut out this stencil on thin paper, stuck this too the screen then printed ink through this. I did this onto the tye-dyed t-shirts I created. I love them!

 I love not over thinking something like this, just deciding to do it, then doing it,these usually tend to be the kind of things which get the most positive response from people!

They've turned out really well and I've even had a few people buy them on here.

Tye-Dyed t-shirts

I got obsessed with tye-dye over summer. So I made some t-shirts!

I bought lots of different colourful t-shirts, and then covered areas of them in bleach, I love how they turned out. Below is them throughout the process: 

This purple one is my favourite!