Monday, 3 September 2012

Madonna continued..

Madonna Zine

After researching into Madonnas life and career I decided that I would like to create some sort of book which focuses on Madonnas impact as a female in popular culture, her image and the things she has to say which are inspiring and interesting. I like the idea of using a mixture of illustrated images, photography and typography too.

I began finding quotes of from Madonna such as “don't tell me I can't be sexual and intelligent at the same time” which portrayed a strong feminist idea. I decided it would be a good idea to illustrate each of these quotes in some way throughout my zine. I started sketching images of Madonna and then decided on which image could go with which quote.

I really enjoyed creating the imagery for my zine for a number of reasons, it allowed to get really into a subject I was inerested in and really explore it, I have a tendancy to lose passion towards a project if the subject isn't something I am interested in, and I definitely didn't have that problem with this brief! As well as that I really enjoyed being able to work out my own way of illustrating a recognisable public figure. It was also really good to make something which was in a sense for myself, it was all my own ideas on something which I personally cared about, I want to make more zines!

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