Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Book Binding my Madonna zine

During September, Lucy Wilson came in to give us workshops on bookbinding methods, give us feedback on our current work, and also to help us think about how using different bookbinding methods could work with the ideas within our work.

We learnt 3 different methods. First we learnt how to do the 'perfect bind' method, this one wasn't too difficult, but did take a little bit of getting used to. This bind can be either exposed or covered up, but I think was the strongest of all the binds.

The second we learnt was the 'japanese bind'. This one was really quick and didn't use a lot of thread, it was also quite simple when thinking about the order of the pages, they go in the order which you lay them on top of each other, so would be quite good for piecing together separate sketches/photos/scrap paper etc.

The third one we learnt to do was the 'crochet bind'. This one looks the most intricate and looks the most 'fancy'. I found this was ridiculously hard and gave up in the end! This one wouldn't really work with my chosen work, however I think its could work really well for people who have more decorative work.

I eventually chose to use the 'perfect bind' method on my zine as it worked the best in the sense I wanted to make it as much like a book as possible. I chose a black cover for my zine cover, and would really like at some point to screen a cross on the front of it in gold, just to add something a little extra to it. I was really happy with my finished zine and would like to make some more in the future.