Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pop Art In New York

In New York I was really excited to find out there was a lot of Pop Art around in various galleries for me to see. I absolutely adore Pop Art, so when visiting The Met and The Moma it was really great to see they had so much on show! Below are some photographs I took in the Moma of various Pop Art pieces, I was especially excited to see the Marylin Monroe print!

It was amazing to see the above images in the flesh but in the Met there was even more of a selection there to see. The exhibition I visited at The Met was 'Regarding Warhol' showcasing 60 artists work over 50 years which have responded to recreated or been inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. 

Andy Warhol is my favourite Artist, as the his work responds majorly to popular culture, but also sexuality, two subjects which interest me. This exhibition was amazing, there was so much to see! There was the Elvis print by Warhol, the Marylin Print... it was brilliant. You can go here to see the selected highlights.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Invisable Dog and Andre Da Loba

Whilst in New York we visited The Invisible Dog Art Centre in Brooklyn. We were staying in Manhattan so made the journey over there on the subway. We went there to visit Andre Da Loba, when we arrived there he greeted us and then we all had a look downstairs where there was lots of work created there by the Ladd brothers. All of their work was created by left over parts from the factory which the building used to be used for, which was interesting. The building was amazing, it looked like it could fall down at any point, but thats what was great about it! I love buildings that you can tell a lot has happened in them compared to a shiny new building which has no story to it! There was another man there who explained to us that the factory manufactured 'invisible dog leashes' a popular toy decades ago, which is where the centre got the name.

We then got a very strange large lift upstairs and were allowed to walk around the studios of the various Artists there. The studios were all so different, my favourite was the one we walked into which was just full of the most random things (photos below!). Once we'd had a look around Andre told us all to sit down and he gave us a little show in which he shown us his work and explained to us which was was most successful and which was not, he told us all that it was important to just do things, whether you think they will be useful or not, because who knows, they might be. I think thats really important to just keep doing things, especially once we leave the comfort of university and have to keep ourselves motivated!

Photography In New York

In New York we visited both the Met and The Moma. I really enjoyed looking at the photography on show in both. There was lots of interesting images and concepts on show. I will talk here about two of my favourite sets of photos I saw whilst there.

'Hollywood Series' by Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

In the Moma the first set of photographs which I was drawn to was Philip-Lorca diCorcia 'Hollywood' series (also known as The Hustlers). These photographs were taken in an area of Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, an area which was frequented by male prostitutes and drug addicts.
He photographed men who arrived in Hollywood to follow their dreams but instead became prostitutes to fund their living. The sitter's name, place of birth and the amount paid form each title, the amount they were paid to sit for the photograph is the amount they would have usually charged for sexual favours. I found this story fascinating, especially the way the photographer had captured the contrast between of the aesthetic beauty of the twilight lit images and the grim reality of the subject matter.

My Pie Town By Debbie Grossman

In the met I was really intrigued by the set of photographs in the area whch featured photo manipulation before and after photoshop was created titled 'My Pie Town'. These images were originally photographed by Russell Lee for the United States Farm Security Administration in 1940. For this exhibition they had been reworked by Debbie Grossman on photoshop to create a parallel world almost, a town inhabited only by women. I have always been intrigued by imagery from the 1940s, however always feel slightly disconnected when the images I see of couples/families in that era are all straight couples (because I am gay). I always wonder what it would be like for me to be alive in that time, something which is hard to imagine when the images I see of that time are far removed from my reality. Although these images are just fantasy, it was interesting to see.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New York

Okay SO, New York is the most amazing place on earth! I have never been so enthused and inspired in a place. The second we started to drive over the bridge and we could see the Manhattan skyline we were approaching, it was immense. I don't know why but buildings that tall gave me a real sense of ambition. It was such an amazing trip, I wish we didn't have to leave so soon there was so many other things I wanted to do there. Although we did manage to do some cool things like going to the top of the rockerfeller, go to times square on election night, go to a comedy club, make some studio visits.. although I even found just walking through the streets of New York interesting.

I really enjoy witnessing something that you know will be remembered, feeling like you were there in a moment of history, so being in times square when Obama was making his speech on election night after he had just been re-elected was especially amazing. Times square was especially exciting anyway, I love the bright lights and tv screens and its just consumerism overload but I just adore that, just so much visual communication everywhere! I can't wait until I can go back, it was just brilliant, definitely felt like I belong there!