Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Invisable Dog and Andre Da Loba

Whilst in New York we visited The Invisible Dog Art Centre in Brooklyn. We were staying in Manhattan so made the journey over there on the subway. We went there to visit Andre Da Loba, when we arrived there he greeted us and then we all had a look downstairs where there was lots of work created there by the Ladd brothers. All of their work was created by left over parts from the factory which the building used to be used for, which was interesting. The building was amazing, it looked like it could fall down at any point, but thats what was great about it! I love buildings that you can tell a lot has happened in them compared to a shiny new building which has no story to it! There was another man there who explained to us that the factory manufactured 'invisible dog leashes' a popular toy decades ago, which is where the centre got the name.

We then got a very strange large lift upstairs and were allowed to walk around the studios of the various Artists there. The studios were all so different, my favourite was the one we walked into which was just full of the most random things (photos below!). Once we'd had a look around Andre told us all to sit down and he gave us a little show in which he shown us his work and explained to us which was was most successful and which was not, he told us all that it was important to just do things, whether you think they will be useful or not, because who knows, they might be. I think thats really important to just keep doing things, especially once we leave the comfort of university and have to keep ourselves motivated!

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