Friday, 21 December 2012

Advice from Jack Hughes

When emailing Jack Hughes, he was happy to answer questions so, I asked him a few questions and he gave me some really great advice. I thought it would be a good idea here to share some of the most useful advice for someone in my situation here:
If you're going to fuck up and make mistakes, make them at uni, you'll have no support once you leave, so you need to get the majority of your disasters out of the way.”

I wouldn't let marks get you down, they're only really a rough guideline when it comes to art courses, they matter a lot more in academic subjects.”

Look at what other illustrators are doing out there (but don't try to emulate them!)"
"Contact agencies, illustrators and designers just to ask for advice, don't be disheartened when they don't reply, a lot of this industry is getting very few replies.”

Keep working, always find time to do personal work, only have work in your portfolio that you want to be commissioned for - work that you enjoy doing, this is very important!”

If you are finding it difficult to get work, again don't be disheartened, apply for internships, apply for roles or jobs that aren't necessarily creative but are in a creative environment, that way you can still be involved and it'll help influence your personal work and any paid work you get through.”

Its great to get advice from someone whois doing what I want to be doing once I've left university. I think all of this advice is important for me to remember..

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