Friday, 14 December 2012

Exhibition at Bench - Self Made Gallery

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who studies at salford told me there was going to be an exhibition at self made gallery in Bench in the northern quarter and that they wanted my work to go up. I was really excited so got thinking what I could put up. I've been doing a lot of drawings recently inspired by old school tattoo flash. I've always been interested in the way tattoo flash make characters and items into little emblems almost, but also the simple way of illustrating different characters. I started sketching my own little characters firstly, then I developed them with colour, and eventually decided on the ones which worked best, I decided for this I would paint the images and give myself a break from illustrator, I really enjoyed it!


Heres the final pieces on show on the night:

 As the exhibition was showcasing talent from Manchester, Northern Lads Productions would also be showcasing a showreel for their short films and music videos, I do the stills for these lads, so a wall of my photography was up too. It looked great, it was great to finally showcase some of these images too as for a while they've been under wraps! And as well as this, The Minx were showcasing there talents as an up and coming Manchester band, which meant there was a whole table of the photography and illustration I  had done for them too.

It was a really great night, everything went well and it was really good to speak to creative people in Manchester. I really enjoyed seeing my work up and hearing peoples positive reactions to it as they had a look around. It was great to know people were reacting positively to all variations of my work too, not only the photograhy and illustration I had done for other people but also the self instigrated project I had set myself.

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