Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hopes, Fears and Oppurtunities

My Hopes

By the time I leave university, I hope to be happy with the way my work looks, I don't want to look at it and think 'thats not me', I feel like I'm getting there but I hope that doing my final major project I can get a chance to really do the work I want to do and learn what it is I'd like to be making when I leave. I'd really like my inspirations to be clearly shown in my work, again I think I'll be able to further this in my final major project and since I will have explored a lot of my inspirations in my journal this will help me to have some of these ideas at the forefront of my mind. My main hope I guess is that everything fits together, I want my portfolio, business card, website, etc to represent me, my way of working, and my inspirations and ideas, in a sense creating a brand, I think thats how a creative becomes successful, its important for everything to work together, and I hope I can begin to achieve that.

My Fears
I guess my main fear is just that at the end of all this I'm not happy with my work. I came to University to learn about my own way of working and I just want to achieve that. If I left and I still thought 'So how do I draw people? (or cats, or cars, or food, or whatever)' I'd be disappointed because once I leave I know theres not time to mess around, I want to be able to show people my portfolio straight away and be confident when I tell them they need me to do work for them. I obviously fear that no-one will like my work, I won't get work, I won't be happy, but in all honesty I think being successful is not down to just your creative talent, being confident in yourself can get you a long way, and being happy with my own work is the first step towards that!

Opportunities I wish to gain

I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to carry on learning, the end is near and I'm wishing I could go back and do 1st and 2ndyear again and learn some more, but I can't, so this year I'm planning to not take for granted this time I have to mess up before I have to go into the real world. I can't wait to start my final major project, I am so excited for the opportunity to spend time on creating self initiated work involving the things I care about. I really want to be able to create my own real life products, that could potentially be produced and sold in real life, this year I want the opportunity to speak to the right people who can give me advice on this. I'm excited to have the opportunity to spend time creating a portfolio, business cards, a website, products, illustrations which I will be happy with and proud to show people, I'm excited to have the opportunity to further the standard of my work and hopefully end up with work I am extremely proud of.

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