Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pop Art In New York

In New York I was really excited to find out there was a lot of Pop Art around in various galleries for me to see. I absolutely adore Pop Art, so when visiting The Met and The Moma it was really great to see they had so much on show! Below are some photographs I took in the Moma of various Pop Art pieces, I was especially excited to see the Marylin Monroe print!

It was amazing to see the above images in the flesh but in the Met there was even more of a selection there to see. The exhibition I visited at The Met was 'Regarding Warhol' showcasing 60 artists work over 50 years which have responded to recreated or been inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. 

Andy Warhol is my favourite Artist, as the his work responds majorly to popular culture, but also sexuality, two subjects which interest me. This exhibition was amazing, there was so much to see! There was the Elvis print by Warhol, the Marylin Print... it was brilliant. You can go here to see the selected highlights.

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