Friday, 21 December 2012

Portfolio review with Jack Hughes

Last week I went to London. Before I went I thought it would be a good idea to try and get someone I admire to look at my portfolio while I was there if I could. So I very cheekily tweeted Jack Hughes. I didn't expect a reply at all, I didn't even think he'd read it so when he did I was very excited.

So I  then sent him an email asking if he was free on the friday, he got back to me whilst I was in London saying he had a deadline on the saturday so couldn't see me in person but would be happy to answer questions and look at my portfolio online, so obviously that was great. I sent my portfolio off to him as soon as I got home and he was very helpful in his reply.

He explained how he could see two styles of illustration within my work,'the more graphic style' and 'the more hand drawn naive style'. I had never really considered there was a difference because I generally create my work in the same way. He said he thought my graphic style was more successful and I should push that more in his opinion as my portfolio would be more considered if it were to all be in that style, I agree.

Speaking to Jack gave me a lot to think about, it makes you think, someone seeing it from an outside view who doesn't know you won't know your inspirations or the way you want your work to look, it made me think I'd really like to change that, I want my work to look how I think it looks. 

It was really great to speak to someone who's work I really admire, he is inspired by mid-century imagery which is clearly visable in his work so I thought was perfect to get some advice from him and I'm really grateful for his throurough response!

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